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Actually, Semi!friends only. Fics, fanmixes and several other 'fandom associated things are left unlocked.

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On the matter of disclaimers:

Unless otherwise stated (i.e. an original work of my own), I claim no ownership to any series or otherwise anything I write fanfiction for.

I am not making any money off of this, it is only used for entertainment purposes, no infringement of copyright is intended.
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my bucket list is you, a belated fic mix for My Discotheque Juliet Teenage Dream .

8tracks | Playmoss.

Bad Suns - Rearview
Walk the Moon - Anna Sun
Walk The Moon - Shut Up and Dance
Joakim Karud - Prom Date
Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele - You Can't Force a Dance Party
Zoey Van Goey - You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate
Existentialism On Prom Night - Straylight Run
Basic Vacation - I Believe
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I really like pizza, but I like you too

8tracks | playmoss.

in love with a ghost - we've never met but, can we have a coffee or something
Chiyoko - Why Can't I Think When I Talk To You
Dummy Feelings & FCJ - Coffee Shop Cutie
A Cute girl who smells nice
knapsack - I really like pizza, but I like you too w/ this could be us
sky high ? feelings
j'san ? you're so cute
I eat plants for I living - where I've been
Elijah Who - This Girl
j'san - I'm In Love with u, sorry
m l l w - her smile - slow kisses
Lilbill our day off together
elijah who - A cute date
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Got To Get You In My Life.

8tracks | Playmoss.
The Beatles ? I've Just Seen A Face
George Harrison ? I've Got My Mind Set On You
The Beatles ? I've Got To Get You Into My Life
The Heights - How Do You Talk To An Angel?
Morrisey ? The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
The Smiths ? This Charming Man
Hall & Oats ? You Make My Dreams Come True
The Proclaimers ? I Would Walk 500 Miles
Queen - Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
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How To Indulge Your Neurobiology. Finally, the scientific reasoning to take afternoon naps.
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The Tamed Course is a really interesting look on habits. Minor warning: It mentions pornography addiction a lot, just in case you have family nearby or are listening on speaker in the library, or near the little old lady convention.
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Froday Flash Fiction Challenge looks interesting. The post was a bit too long to share here, but it's linked above.

September 29–October 31: sign-ups
November 01-05: posting date claims
November 06: posting schedule announcement
November 22-26: check-in period
November 26: drop-out deadline
December 01-24: posting period
December 25: amnesty posting day
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New podcast find: Simplify podcast. So far there's six+ episodes. To quote the site itself: Simplify is for anybody who’s taken a close look at their habits, their happiness, their relationships, or their health and thought “There’s got to be a better way to do this.”
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Title: Low Frequency Midnight
Series: TF2
Character/pairing: Scout/Miss Pauling
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3061
Summary: A long drive back after a day of burying bodies.
Author's note:

I've been listening to a ton of low fi hip hop, and this came out of that. Also it came about after some severe sleeplessness due to some pain medication I was on after some oral surgery. Which explains all the exhaustion in here. There's a mix here on 8tracks and here on playmoss.

Ignores TF Comics and MVM arc in favor of an Expiration Date era timeline, with the exception of some of the characterization from A Cold Day In Hell.

For Sarah.

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A fanmix for Low Frequency Midnight.
8 tracks | playmoss
j'san - I feel serene
j'san - soothing sh!t
Kudasai - A Night Together
idealism - midnight, somewhere
Jinsang - dusk
Eddie Rohosy - Night Ride
RudeManners - We Walked Together That Night
Elijah Who - What If We Just Sat Together And Did Nothing
equity slate - making her smile w/soonjeon
idealism - falling asleep at 3:37AM
mittensan - another day...
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Come join [community profile] holiday_prompts, a low-pressure, prompt-based writing challenge focused on seasons and holidays throughout the year- Now Open!
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New Indiegala VN bundle.

Paging Samuraiter! There's at least 3 f/f games. I'd say it's worth it for Sweet Volley High alone.
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<href="">So apparently studying breaks with baby animals makes you study more effectively...

I'm so happy. I guess this is the mindset behind written kitten.
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Playmoss | 8tracks.

Kina Grannis & Imaginary Future - I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You
Lenka - Don't Let Me Fall
Jennifer Sanchez - Isn't She Lovely - (cover)
Reneé Dominique - Grow Old With You - (Cover)
Reneé Dominique - What A Wonderful World x Can't Help Falling In Love (mashup cover)
Colbie Caillat - Here Comes The Sun
Colbie Caillat - I Do
Ingrid Michaelson - You and I
Ingrid Michaelson - Giving Up
Imaginary Future & Kina Grannis - We'll Be Okay
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steal some covers, share some skin

8tracks | Playmoss

Sunday Morning - Maroon 5 (one take ukulele cover) Reneé Dominique x Dave Lamar
Toothpaste Kisses - Ukulele Cover
Missy Higgins - Warm Whispers - Lyrics.
Birdy- Tee Shirt cover (from The Fault In Our Stars OST) Reneé Dominique
Colbie Caillat Bubbly lyrics
Lola Marsh - You're Mine
Kina Grannis - In Your Arms
Sarah Mclachlan - 10 Ice-cream
Imogen Heap / Imogen Heap - Between Sheets
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Just One Dance
Playmoss | 8tracks

Caro Emerald | A Night Like This
caro emerald | just one dance
Alice Francis – St. James Ballroom
Tape Five - Bad Boy, Good Man
BarrieGleddenTimReilly Spin Me Round
Michael Buble | Sway
Little Violet - Don't Stop
rachel yamagata | I want you
sondre lerche | the more I see you
Diana Krall | the best thing for you
imelda may | all for you
sondre lerche | human hands
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald | Cheek to Cheek
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I'm a bit late, and having a hard time finding the exact source (this one, maybe??) but Shiptember has started. The best idea of the rules I could find was writing or drawing a different ship every day of the month.


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