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Title: Lost In Translation
Series: Ace Attorney
Character/pairing: Nahyuta/Ema
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1440
Summary: Over dishes, Ema tries to say a simple Khura'inese phrase to Nahyuta to show off her progress. Except, maybe Google translate wasn't the best translation app to use...
Author's note: from this OTPprompts prompt. Also, kink meme: Skyemadhi for OP's birthday.

Suds spilled over the side of the steel sink, but Nahyuta caught them with the drying cloth. The stone counter had a long, white damp cloth left over it, and slowly it had bare as the dishes were neatly stacked after every washing. They'd traded halfway through, so neither of them had fingers wrinkled from water. The thick scent of curry still filled the air--and her tastebuds. Just when she thought there was something Nahyuta might not be a genius at, he brought out a hot pot to show off his cooking skills.

And she could barely make ramen noodles without burning them.

Be impressed, not jealous. Impressed, not jealous, she reminded herself. She'd prepped for days for this, spending every extra moment with a little phrase to impress him too, with the sheer amount of progress she'd made with her mastery of the language was really remarkable. It'd taken her way more time to become fluent in German.

Six months into working at Khura'in, she was still getting the hang of things. They didn't go for dishwashers here. In fact, a lot of appliances that she took for granted back in the states were completely absent here. But, she'd gotten used to the chore. The fact that most of her meals were taken care of by the kingdom of Khura'in, cooked by the royal chef helped.

All the cups were hung on a rack just below the edge of mitamah and butterflies etched into the beige stone wall. tEither Prosecutor Sahdmadhi had gotten onto Pinterest, or modernity was slowly sneaking its way to Khura'in, one coffee rack at a time.

She glanced his way, as he dried the last dish. He was so...pristine, and handsome, and composed. He hadn't even spilled any of the dish down his gold brocade and white vestments, and meanwhile Ema had candy crumbs in her bra from this morning. She figured she'd save them for a later snack.

He pushed his silvery hair back over his shoulder as he dried the last dish. "There," he said.

Ema had been practicing this phrase ever since she'd gotten the invitation. And given that it'd been canceled twice due to meetings, that was quite some time.

She smiled as she formed the words. I love the taste of your cooking."

Far be it from a smile, Nahyuta covered his mouth with his graceful hand, but it didn't hide the intensity of his blush. The drying cloth fell to the floor. "Pohlkunkaa!"

Ema could only stare in ever growing confusion. "Wait, did I get it wrong? Is it a cultural thing?"

"...What exactly were you attempting to say?" Nahyuta said.

"That I liked your cooking. Is that some kind of bad word in Khura'in or something?" Ema said.

"Ah, I can see where the problem is. Then that would be--"

The last word sounded similar. Was she not having enough pause? The apostrophes in this language were giving her a hell of a time. Not enough pause and she'd have a completely different word.

She wiped off her hands, and checked her translation app. No, she'd definitely gotten it right. She played the example. Nahyuta paled as the speaker repeated the phrase.

"Who...wrote those?"

"Google. That's a pretty reputable source, right? Wait, what did I say?"

"It would be best if you did not know," Nahyuta said.

"Tell me already, so I know how embarrassed to be," Ema said.

"They said―You said--That you liked the taste of my---my...seed."

She didn't need a translation app for that. Ema gripped her cheek in shock. "W-what?"

Nahyuta nodded.

"Wait, that was that second part? Because I thought it seemed long for the subject matter, but I just followed what the app said." She'd figured they knew the language better than she did.

"...that you would gladly, um, lick it up--"

Ema was sure that if the soul existed and wasn't just a figment of old superstition, she would've felt it leave her body right then. She buried her burning face in the damp dishtowel.

He gently touched to her wrist. "The first time I tried the language of Borgnina, I wrote a letter so incomprehensible, it was thrown out as a joke."

Ema peeked out from behind the towel. "Yeah, I'm guessing you didn't accidentally tell your boss you'd give him a blowjob."

And she'd just made it worse, by saying the word blowjob in front of Prosecutor Sahdmadhi.

"I'm just going to go before I embarrass myself any further," Ema said.

"Now, now. It was a simple mistake. However...I'd prefer to leave something like that to a later date. I'd be happy to return the favor."

Ema's face flushed bright red. He'd what? This was one plot twist she didn't see coming.

"Th-this was a date?"

"Of course. This dish is called--" he spoke an unfamiliar word. "It translates to 'the dish of love.'"

"It's like Conversation Candy Hearts, but with curry?" Ema said.

"Candy hearts?" Prosecutor Sahdmadhi said.

"Eh, I'll show you some, but they're overrated. Completely chalky. February 15th is where it's at, anyways. All that half-price chocolate!"

She glanced to the clock on the wall. It was getting awful late. Considering she'd be up by sunrise getting ready for tomorrow's case, she couldn't linger too long.

She'd prepared one more phrase to show off her skills. Well, Google couldn't get two wrong, could it? Maybe one mistake was understandable, but they were a big company. They weren't about to let her down again.

She smiled and repeated them, just as the app said. The words were supposed to mean Good night, prosecutor Sahdmadhi. Let's meet for lunch tomorrow. But the look on his face showed there had to be some problem either in her phrasing, or the translation itself. He slowly covered his mouth and stepped back. It wasn't a mere blush this time. She must've really messed up the phrasing.

"Damn, another mistake? Do I even want to know?"

"Ah....Hearing you say this--I must meditate to regain my self-control. Please excuse me," Prosecutor Sahdmadhi said. He made a beeline towards the door.

"Wait, was it sacrilegious? You know, more than I usually am?" Ema said.

"...No. it was similar to the first, except...." he said. "Goodnight, Detective Skye. One day, I will fulfill your wishes. This I promise."

Prosecutor Sahdmadhi left her alone in the kitchen. Ema thought it was about time for her to escape, too. The cold night air helped soothe her burning cheeks as she walked towards her apartment.

Still, for a first date, it was pretty good. And his promises? Well that was something she was looking forward to.

She just really had to change her translation app.


Datz cracked his knuckles. The light of the computer was the only glow in the room. Lately, the digs had been upgraded. No more spiders, a lot less dust, and an angry red overworked lawyer to fill the place where Dhurke left off.

The computer had made his life so much more entertaining. Ema had introduced him to things like Netflix and Youtube, where he found an endless supply of videos of animals and babies, and most of all, pranks.

But nothing was as entertaining as when Ema had been so helpful as to introduce him to the translation app she used.

He updated the entry for 'good night, prosecutor' with I want to ride you hard all night long, and let's have lunch together. with I want you to eat me out tonight.

Datz couldn't wait to see the results. He was already shaking with laughter at the thought. Maybe it'd finally get them to stop talking and start doing.

The internet was truly a beautiful thing. A shame it wasn't around back in the day, or the things he could've pranked ol' Dhurke and Amara with. and Ga'ran, he could've had a blast.

Then again, all he needed was that spirit channeler from Kurain, and Dhurke would be back, and ready to catch up on all the jokes again. The best part, was she liked a good joke too. It wouldn't take much for her to see the fun in it.

Maybe he'd even get her to help him along on some pranks, for old time's sake.


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