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Title: The Cake May Very Well Be A Lie
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Character/pairing: Tsuzuki, Hisoka, Watari. Mild sort of Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Rating: G
Word count: 404
Author's note: fic_promptly: Yami no Matsuei, Tsuzuki/Hisoka, "Tsuzuki, you can't eat *that* for breakfast and call it healthy." It should be noted that chocolate chip pop tarts are like crack.

Happy winter holidays, [profile] youlooksofine.

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Title: He's A Terror
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Character/pairing: Tsuzuki, Hisoka (a bit of Tsuzuki/Hisoka)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 720
Author's note: : Yami no Matsuei: why is a *dead guy* terrified of ghosts?!
Winter holidays: Saaam.

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a mix with an focus especially on the end of the Kyoto arc. Happy early birthday, Sam.

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Also noteworthy: I reupped those mixes for you, [ profile] myaru. Now they're on a permanent host, so. :D

fic: duex

Dec. 25th, 2008 06:32 am
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Title: Under The Tree
Fandom: Tenipuri
Character/Pairing: TezukaFuji
Summary: Fuji had an odd habit of appropriating holidays.
Rating: PG-13-ish.
A/N: [ profile] ketchupblood, again because she needed something under her tree!
Bacchanalia is a gathering of orgiastic sex and drinking, as named after the festival for Bacchus/Dionysus of Grecian lore. Saturnalia was a festival honoring Saturn that involved many of the traditions we find at Christmas today, such as gift-giving. Check Wiki for more.

Under The Tree )

Title: And This Is Why I Hate People (Five Jobs Even Worse Than Meifu)
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Day/Theme: January twenty-eighth / but what can you do when you have to deal with people? (late, haha)
Character/pairing: Hisoka, Tsuzuki, Saya, Yuma, Tatsumi, more,
Word count: around 700+
A/N: For Sam as a Christmas Present (one of them, anyways!) and a thank you for the paid account + icon space she gave me :3 The last one is actually a reference to an X-Files episode (where Mulder and Skully had to pretend to be a married couple to infiltrate a creepy suburban place? Yeah, that.)

And This Is Why I Hate People )
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The Stockholm Syndrome (scanslated doujinshi, Tezuka/Fuji) is amazing, but I guess it's no surprise as it's Crouka/Sakaki Root! Even if you're jaded with the pairing, I highly reccomend picking it up ♥

random flyby recs:

A 'game' (How I Met Your Mother, Barney/Robin NC-17) by [ profile] svilleficrecs Awesome, just, seriously awesome. Perfectly IC streaming hot porny longfic. This is the first fic for the fandom, and I can't think of a better introduction.

five moments of Truth and trust by winter baby(X-files, Krycek/Marita, R) beautiful, multi-layered, and yet so heartbreaking.

Sleep Over by Tokyokitty (Hikago, WayaIsumi
Cute, hot, very IC porn for WayaIsumi. Need I really say more? This pairing needs more love ♥

Five Things Tsukishiro Yukito Never Dared To Say To Kinomoto Touya (CCS, Touya/Yukito) by [ profile] papered Aww, a short, cute, just perfectly done piece on them. ♥

The Forbidden Sun (YnM, Tsuzki/Hisoka, Muraki/Hisoka) this is a really well-written, fascinating au for the series. I', Really hoping she continues this!

[ profile] himym_fic & [ profile] barneyrobin Make me happy inside ♥ Also, finally got a section for the show. I went looking for fandom earlier, but didn't find any and was sad.

Also, Fanpop's couples section is amazing Great resource for screencaps and general squeeing about Teevee (and some other assorted media) couples. Some assorted couples include: Barney/Robin, Booth/Bones, House/Cuddy among others. I'm so raiding it later.
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the ☂APRIL☂ showers bring ✿MAY✿ flowers meme

Mine is right here if you want to poke me :D I've been poking with fic everywhere, copied here for archiving.

Yami no Matsuei, TsuHis, drabblet for SAAAAM :D :D :D

the light in me will guide you home~ )

for: [ profile] celesia

God, it’s been YEARS but the icon was so cute I couldn’t resist. Also, whoa this got long (seriously! 1,300+, which is damn long for a comment fic..) I think Ken is vaguely OOC, but for my defense he did spend the latter half of the series crying, angsting and being gay for Daisuke.

your voice was the soundtrack of my summer (Daisuke/Ken, Digimon 02) )

for [ profile] lv99butler :D

(Also, this person ships both IchiRuki AND IchiHime, that’s like, amazing.) SEE BECKY I ACTUALLY WROTE THAT PAIRING. :P NOW YOU WILL BE DEMANDING IT AT EVERY TURN ~

(the sky has lost its color, IchiHime) )

Title: cooru la pluie. (ran from rain)
Series: Evangelion
Day/Theme: Feb. 26 - "We deceive ourselves" (late)
Character/Pairing: Kaworu/Shinji
Rating: phht, G? PG-13?
for: GUESS. ♥

Shinji lies )

for: [ profile] takewing

don’t wake me I feel like sleeping in -- TezuRyo )

For: [ profile] wildsaber

some of the lessen known hobbies of Zelos Wilder )

for: [ profile] blizzard4526
and I sit back and wait till you say you're sorry (Touya/Shindou, except Touya insists, not. Oh, the deniaaal) )

for: [ profile] meiken
we need pills to sleep at night | we need lies to make it through the day (young!Ritsuka & Seimei) )

for: [ profile] aerials
what a day to take to (Mithos&Genis) )

for: [ profile] dorkisms

inside you time moves / but she don't fade (Kouya/Yamato) )
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LJ decided it doesn't like the unicode post, so it's over at

Title: Thief
Fandom: Yami no Matsuei ♥
Rating: PG-13 at most.
Wordcount: 4,528

time started: February 28th, 2006
time finished: February 27th 2007

Summary: AU. Kurosaki Hisoka, heir apparent to the Kurosaki lineage and cursed with a ‘weak heart’ met Tsuzuki Asato long before Meifu.

A/N: As for the timeline, Hisoka is about ten, thus three years before the death!curse and six years before he died. The festival they went to is Tanbata, takoyaki is fried octopus with batter and spices, basically.

In this fic I tried a more “normal” writing approach, and I’m still rather proud of it simply because I made myself write something on the longer, less fragmented side.

Also, there’s a playlist for it, I’ll probably eventually get to uploading it.

Thief - Our Lady Peace
Life ~ Bitter Sweet Love - Dee’ree
Uphill Battle - Sarah Mclachlan
Touch - Sarah Mclachlan
The Fields of Donremy - David Arkenstone
Two Hearts - David Arkenstone
Blue - Cowboy Bebop OST III
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Hnn. I keep thinking there's something else I should add to this, but.

Title: quite contrary
Day/Theme: October sixth/ overwork
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Character/Pairing: Hisoka, Tsuzuki (background hints of other characters, too.)
Rating: PG
A/N: for those who were anime!only or don’t remember, volume six mentions that Tsuzuki tends a (rather successful) garden, he brings in a very large bouquet in for everyone after the library is rebuilt. In concurrence with theme 23 for [ profile] 30_romances

there should be a follow up to this, as I had another idea which would take longer to pan out and it sort of lost focus, so.

mary, mary, quite contrary how does your garden grow? )
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Title: two
Day/Theme: August 22nd: / Sword tells more truth than books; its parting wisdom from vanity.
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Character/Pairing: Hisoka, Tsuzuki
Rating: at least in the PG-13 region

“Will you read to me?” Tsuzuki says, one day when the whole weight of the world seemed laid over his shoulders. )
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The title is something of an idiotic pun – temper means of course, anger, but also to refine metal by repeated force and reheating/cooling. Companion to brick laying, one by one

Title: tempering
Day/Theme: August 5th / Make up for that one: a courageous heart, a bare blade, and a long and
yellow bow.
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Character/Pairing: Tsuzuki, Hisoka
Rating: at least in the PG- region.

Tsuzuki knows if he lays his hands on the rough feel of the wood, Hisoka’s hand is that much closer. )
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*yawns* Can I use heat + work + soreness + fatigue as an excuse for any probable and likely incoherence/sloppy writing/sloppy writing mistakes?

Title: brick laying, one by one
Day/Theme: August 2nd / There is a palace, and the ruined wall [...]
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Character/Pairing: Hisoka, Tsuzuki
Rating: G? PG? Somewhere-in-between?

Full theme is under cut.

but it feels like home )
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Previous drabble drops

I. Euphoria | Yami no Matsuei | Tsuzuki/Hisoka
9. Rush ; Thrill ; Exhilaration
For Toki because she was feeling ick D:

'I’ve stopped trying to explain his actions long ago.' Hisoka replied )

II. orange pekoe tea. | Sukisyo, Soushi/Matsuri because they are CANON ~ *blissful squeak*

“There’s more of you here than there” he says, and chuckles. )

VI. the magician | Yami no Matsuei | Watari (Tarot ficverse, previous entries are at: this tag)

Watari thinks if he could just piece together two ions, fill one puzzle, he would have the world at his fingertips. )
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Finished drabbles that have been sitting fornlornly on my HD and stuff owed. The like. Part II coming soon!

[ profile] measuringtime TsuHis, Kyoto interaction.

Tsuzuki is mere steps away but it mind as well be an ocean away. )

Title: (un)expections
Rating: G, maybe? PG possibly
Pairing/Character: Hara Akiha/Umeda Hokuto
Summary: Umeda is rarely surprised by anything anymore.
Word Count: 126
Notes: Written for [ profile] 15minuteficlets word 150.

Whether it’s waking up the treacly smell of flowers arranged around him and the sound of a shutter clicking repeatedly, or getting unwarranted messages left on his cellphone, just because, if there’s anything stupid, Akiha will certainly do it. )

when the wind blows | Kurogane and Fai (gen XD) for [ profile] sahara_storm (think like Shura/Shara except not)

Two months later with the last of their earned money, they set sail. )

Untangle. |Sukisyo, Matsuri| – (Matsuri means “festival” but when written in katakana can mean 'tangle')

He never intended to grow it long, only to his shoulders, maybe, )

HanaKimi / Tennouji + Kanna, for Weekly challenge theme “le bete et la belle"

Happily ever after was a long way off yet. )

true love waits in haunted attics | Hikaru no Go | Touya, Shindou.

spoilers. If you don’t know what happened to Sai, then you’ll be spoiled, mkay? The title is from “True Love Waits” by Radiohead.

Once a year, he returns. )
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I wanted to try this as I'm such a slow writer, um, I'm not sure of the quality, it probably seems somewhat disjointed, I was racing against the clock XD anyways.

Title: incinerate
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Rating: PG
Sort of spoilers for Yami no Matsuei

'I'm tired' he said. )
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Title: a day in the life
Day/Theme: May 12th / Open, locks, to the Human's hand
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Character/Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Rating: PG
Summary: all the idiosyncracies that come with partnership and cohabitation.
A/N: done concurrently with 25. Maillot ; paradox for [ profile] 30_romances as usual, for Toki :D

Time goes you say? Ah, no! Alas, Time stays, we go.
-Austin Dobson


Breakfast is quick because Tsuzuki is (inevitably) late. (Hisoka has found that cooking something usually gets him up faster. Or dousing him in icewater, whatever works.) )
Not my fault if it sucks, I’m tiiiiired.
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Title: darker yet
Day/Theme: May 10th / the night grows darker yet
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Character/Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Rating: PG
A/N: done concurrently with. 22. Shadow ; Flame ; Footfall for [ profile] 30_romances
And for Reicheru, as I’m making a habit out of it :D ♥ feel better~

The flames flicker out like cut roses, the smoke filtering out with the smell of sulphur and decay. )

Dude, this so should've had something, like, a soliloquy by Tsuzuki about humanity’s collective fraility or something but I was so tired ;_; (I FAIL AT LIFE!)
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May 7 -
Came out of their trance into time again |

Title: ever after
Day/Theme: May 7th / Came out of their trance into time again
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Character/Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Rating: PG
Summary: healing comes in stages.
A/N: done concurrently with. 35. Forget-me-not ; memory ; photo for [ profile] 30_romances
set in a time period after Kyoto and before the Gensoukai arc.

(For Rachel as I’m making a habit of it XD Anyways, she’s been horribly dead as of late.)

Real love stories never have endings.
-Richard Bach, The Bridge Across Forever

There’s picked apple blossoms and dandelions that make a clumsy bouquet on Hisoka’s desk. No card to go with it, but the message is obvious. )

I am not responsible if it sucks, I was tired dammit.
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I was just guessin' at numbers and figures,
pullin' your puzzles apart
questions of science
science and progess
do not speak as loud as my heart

tell me you love me
come back and haunt me
oh and I rush to the start
runnin' in circles
chasin' our tales
coming back as we are

total, complete love for this song. Bordering on obsession, really. It's one of the songs I even sing (though I'm better at singing (this is) the dream of evan and chan, if only because I've practiced) not just because it's beautiful, it's totally Kai/Gaku too XD (shut up I'm totally a dork for them)

thief is being an utter bitch, goddammit. 3,500 words and upon picking through it yesterday I realized the whole first section is filler-slash-prologue and the whole second is rushed.
For the record I’ve been working on it since late February off and on (mostly on) and it’s still hating me. I swear it’s going to turn into an epic, just to spite me.

Ah well. I suppose I could start on starfish or etgb but you know.

So um yeah, here’s a different one. It’s kind of old, quite short, and everything but the sixth part was already written.

Fandom: Yami no Matsuei ♥
Title: seven for a secret never to be told
Pairing: Tsuzuki Asato + Kurosaki Hisoka
Thematic: 8. Analysis ; Collection
Rating: PG-13
Note: hints of Tatsumi/Tsuzuki and Tsuzuki/Hisae (no more than canon), possible spoilers depending on your knowledge of the series.

Otherwise, Rachel was not feeling well D: So this is to cheer her up.

there’s a bird that nests inside you, sleeping underneath your skin
when you open up your wings to speak, I wish you’d let me in
-A Murder of One, Counting Crows.

one for sorrow, two for joy, three for girls and four for boys, five for silver, six for gold, seven for a secret never to be told )
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For Mariiie :3

next year.
(mild past!ItaSasu, Naruto)

Sasuke loops his arms around Itachi, holds on like he believes in life, love and even him, and Itachi lets him believe in fantasies for another year. )

This is so late. I’m sorry. ;_; -- for [ profile] ssj10 (Tsuzuki & 003 with a side of light TsuHis)

(Tsuzuki & 003 with a side of light TsuHis) )

Tis’ for M. Shindou and Touya. HnG. (I actually like this one wtf)

every word is nonsense but I understand

Shindou talks in his sleep. )

[ profile] chibineko's request fic is at 1,000+ words at the moment :3
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Head meet desk. I've been so unproductive lately, and that's due to everything being in the transitory period which happens to be around 1,500 words. I've been wanting to write larger and longer pieces, but dammit nothing is getting finished and it vexes me.

Anyways, fic.

Fandom: Yami no Matsuei ♥
Title: Mocha Latte With A Side Of Denial Cynicism.
Pairing: Tsuzuki Asato + Kurosaki Hisoka
Thematic: 16. Crème de la crème ; on top
Rating: PG-ish

This is in no way fluff. I refuse to believe this is fluff. I don’t write fluff, dammit.

Rachel’s been dead lately, kinda green and flaky and she’s spoken of eating brains on more than one occasion. Also, AK-47's. Though I brought up that topic.

It’s also a peace offering in her general direction so my brains won’t get eaten.

Denial. Not just a river in Egypt! )


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