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Request has spoilers for FE10, highlight to view:
Onesided Sanaki/Sephiran, incest (unknowing on her part) and fantasies.

Title: innocente.
Fandom: FE9/10
Character/Pairing: one-sided Sanaki > Sephiran
Rating: G, it's quite innocent
A/N: Kink meme. The request asked for one-sided fantasies, and I uh, made it extremely G fantasies!

innocente )
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Title: petticoats & personage
Fandom: FE9/10
Character/Pairing: Ike/Soren
Word count: 849
Rating: R/NC-17
A/N: Kinkmeme, for IkeSoren with crossdressing -- preferably one of Elincia's dresses.

petticoats & personage )
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Title: Five Reasons Ike Did Not Come Home With All The Groceries. (or Five Things at
Fandom: FE10
Character/Pairing: Ike/Soren
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Modern Au. Ike fails at grocery shopping.
Word count: 825
A/N: five things meme, [ profile] r_amythest

Five Reasons Ike Did Not Come Home With All The Groceries )
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Title: untitled (or: octogenarianotpftw)
Fandom: FE10
Character/Pairing: Nealuchi/Loreziah
Rating: PG-13
A/N: oh, the things the kink meme makes me do. A request for Nealuchi!laidage. He almost got it.

octogenariotpftw )
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Title: Five Books Soren Refuses To Read and Why
Fandom: FE9/10 modern!au
Character/Pairing: Soren, a bit of Ike/Soren
Rating: light PG/PG-13? (shrug)
A/N: Five things, [ profile] r_amythest again.

My lit taste shows through here. Ahahah. And modern!au of course.

Five Books Soren Refuses To Read and Why )
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Title: Five of Soren's Arguably Undignified Personal Habits
Fandom: FE9/10
Rating: PG, I guess
Character/Pairing: Soren with a tinge of IkeSoren
A/N: Five things meme, requested by [ profile] r_amythest

Five of Soren's Arguably Undignified Personal Habits )
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Title: Honey (or: A Sticky Situation)
Fandom: FE9/10
Pairing: Ilyana/food, Zihark/Ilyana
Rating: PG at most.

Honey (or: A Sticky Situation) )
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title: my hands are searching for you
fandom: FE9/10
rating: R
pairing: Soren > Ike
a/n: kink meme archiving, because I apparently cannot stop myself when it comes to this. Original prompt: FE 9/10, Soren/Ike (as in, from Soren's perspective - nothing clear on Ike's part). Sexual fantasies with a side of angst. Please and thank you, anon.

my hands are searching for you )
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title: damaged threads
day/theme: sept. 29th | somewhat damaged
fandom: FE9/10 | tellius
character/pairing: Sephiran, a tinge of Sephiran/Sanaki in the latter half, though it turned waay more platonic than I wanted it to.
a/n: Fragmentary. Sort of characterization piece. It’s Sephiran so spoilers abound. For [ profile] myaru for her amazing catch at finishing BG with like, two minutes to spare with her sever down in the process.

actually, she requested Sephiran/Zelgius, I merely remembered it wrong until I’d already gotten in too deep. Oh well, I’ll write that on eventually, for now have a character piece. I even used actual game dialogue because I liked the scene enough to not paraphrase it (though I prefer the original Japanese)

damaged threads )
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title: memento
fandom: FE 10
character/pairing: Ike/Soren
rating: quite G
a/n: Drabblet. Kink meme archiving. Original prompt: Ike x Soren. Fluff. Soren sees Ike cuddling with a teddy bear (keep sake of his mother's maybe?). Must have Soren and Ike cuteness. And anon would die if it was big, buff Ike too. :3

Thanks in advance! XD

Admittedly I’ve done the Soren-desperately-finds-a-precious-thing-to-Ike but this struck me as the most in-character response to the prompt (and since I apparently must fill every single one for this pairing that I didn’t request myself...) It's implemented differently anyways.

memento )
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title: waxy white flowers
fandom: FE9
character/pairing: Ike/Soren
rating: quite G
a/n: Kink meme. Original request: I know this pairing has been requested a lot, but I'd really love some holiday fluff for Ike/Soren. Anon doesn't care which holiday~

This is supposed to be a mix of Mayday + other random medieval spring festivals. It’s um. A bit too early for Christmas-y!flavor or Halloween. Maybe I’ll return later for those kinds of flavors. Hm.

waxy white flowers )
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title: how to explain
fandom: FE9/10
character/pairing: IkeSoren
a/n: again, [ profile] mission_insane, poetry themetable. Poem in question is 'How To Explain' by Daisy Zamora, which I adore and quote endlessly. Written on random for [ profile] r_amythest

The poem can be found here, just scroll down and you'll see it.

how to explain )
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title:I leave this at your ear for when you wake
fandom: FE9/10
pairing: Ike/Soren, in a sense.
note: written for [ profile] r_amythest on email (quite randomly) done for the 'poetry' themetable at [ profile] mission_insane (which I'll actually get to claiming..eventually.) the powm in question is 'I leave this at your ear for when you wake' by W.S Graham

I leave this at your ear for when you wake )
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from that character song meme that uh, kind of spiraled out of control! Some are minor repeats, but, anyways.

For [ profile] myaru's request~

two eps, Sephiran/Zelgius & (somewhat platonic?) Sephiran/Sanaki )
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Modern au as via request. This is admittedly, something of an in-joke involving MUD. If you’re unfamiliar with MUD, just imagine it as something like D&D, except as a text game and online and you’ve basically got it.

the saga of the eternally lost and oblivious (or: ‘he could get lost in a doorway’) )

fic: catnap

Aug. 9th, 2008 03:10 am
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Look, it’s a fic that is automatically for [ profile] r_amythest posted coincidentally on her birthday! ♥ *innocent eyelash flutter*

Title: catnap (6/?)
Fandom: FE9 | Tellius
Character/Pairing: Ike+Soren, childhood gen.
Rating: G
a/n: #02 - Sunburn for 30_ways. I couldn’t resist. Yes, more sleeping. It had to be addressed.
Um, as r-amythest has reminded me, cats are crepuscular, however this would be unknown in this universe, thus they would still assume them nocturnal.

And as always, for r-amythest.

catnap )
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a bit shorter than usual~ hopefully the sheer amount of cute will make up for it~

title: Cat’s Cradle (5/?)
fandom: fire emblem 9
character(s)/pairing: Ike & Neko!Soren, Greil Mercenaries cast.
summary: Ike brings home a stray. AU, childhood gen and Ike & Neko!Soren cuteness.
a/n: For r-amythest, as always. Also, this collective now has a name.

Cat's Cradle )
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title: these hands made of splinters.
theme/day: August 21 [2008]: These hands made of splinters.
fandom: Fire Emblem 9/10.
pairing: Ike/Soren
summary: Soren reminded himself that Ike’s touch was the least significant factor to healing. Somehow, something deep within him didn’t believe that Ike/Soren.
wordcount: 1,647, according to wordperfect.
a/n: [ profile] r_amythest poked me, (repeatedly) thus I wrote this. It's for her, obviously ♥ I edited it somewhat, apologies if I missed anything.

these hands made of splinters. )
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My beta is busy (shabbos, grandmother) so I don’t want to bug her right now. Apologies for anything I missed? Also, for blacklacelily and r-amythest. THAT CHAIR IS BIG ENOUGH FOR BOTH OF YOU, SCOOT OVER. GOOD GIRLS SHARE.

..I think the sheer amount of random sleeping in this fic shows how tired I was. MY SUBCONSCIOUS HAS SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THIS.

title: gold in the air of summer
theme/day: August 7 [2008]: Somewhere just left of the point of nowhere.
fandom: FE 9/10
pairing: Ike/Soren
summary: While in other lands, with the person most important to him, Soren finally finds the happiness he sought. Ike/Soren post RD.
wordcount: just barely hitting the 2,000 mark, I think.
A/N: post RD traveling fic number 38208032, I have so many of those in note form or half-finished form, I swear. Kudos to RD for giving such a deliciously open ending, good fodder for inspiration, I suppose.

For r-amythest and blacklacelily (afoolintherain)

I didn’t know if you wanted to | but I came to pick you up | but you didn’t even hesitate | and now you & me are on our way | I think we brought everything we need | don’t look back | don’t think of the other places you should’ve been | it’s a good thing you came with me )
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A bit rougher than usual, I wanted to get this finished though, and had very limited time. I'll probably revise it later. Probably a more plotty less teeth-hurting-cuteness later on, as several other parts are vying for attention.

Anyways, enjoy.

title: lucky black cat (3/?)
day/theme: July fifteenth - : plausible impossibilities (late)
fandom: fire emblem 9
character(s)/pairing: Ike & Neko!Soren, Greil Mercenaries cast.
summary: Ike brings home a stray. AU, childhood gen and Ike & Neko!Soren cuteness.
a/n: For [ profile] r_amythest, as always.

lucky black cat )


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