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Nefarium Psychologica and Howl are two PMMM fanvids I watched recently. (Note that both have Rebellion spoilers, also suicidal imagery)

Anyways, they're both really beautiful with excellent editing and song choice.
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Fight Song (Supergirl fanvid, has pilot spoilers)

Have I mentioned how ready I am for Supergirl to start airing already? Anyways, this fanvid has a great song choice, great scenes to match it, and is overall just a stellar start for the fandom.
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Dark Paradise (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Rebellion Spoilers)

Carrie linked this vid to me, and it's really stunning. I should do a rewatch someday just to enjoy the fantasy animation. And music, and plot structure and....


Jun. 29th, 2013 08:53 am
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fandoms: Castle, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fire Emblem: Tellius, How I Met Your Mother,
Big Bang Theory, Community, Naruto, Rizzoli & Isles, Hetalia and White Collar

Read more... )
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Here endeth the lesson, Glee, Noah Puckerman/Rachel Berry Great characterization and a super hot kinks and great prose made this one of my favorite fics of this round of porn battle.

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[community profile] femslash100 is exactly what it purports to be. A femslash drabble community based on themes and such. They're working on another theme at the moment. I find really short fic hard to do, but I figured I'd put this here for anyone else who wanted to play :)

Altitude Indicator by gloss. (Code Name: Verity, Maddie/Queenie) Sweet little piece, I love the prose here.

Nation in a confessional by anon. Revealing the character would be a spoiler, but it's a really funny short gen piece that made me laugh a lot.
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[personal profile] byebyebluefish and Arachay at FFN asked for some recs on things, and I had these archived for my own personal bookmarks. Most of the Hetalia ones are kink meme stuff, because 98% of my interaction with the fandom is there, the other 2% is fests. Because of that, this list is a mix of stuff I loved, stuff I've been meaning to read, stuff other people recced and I save to read, and stuff I had saved for some reason or other. Some have actual reccing text, others are just a linkspam because I'm doing a ton of stuff right now and don't have time to cross-reference every one.

Finn/Kurt and other Glee pairings and FrUk (Hetalia) inside.


Glee )
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Quick recs, because I feel shitty today.

Repose by [personal profile] rosage (FE, Ike/Soren)
Sweet little snippet of adorableness.

Lack Nothing by [personal profile] rosage
(more Ike/Soren)

manages to hit all my favorite tropes and filled with adorable adorableness ahhhh I love ittt.

Her Decision by [personal profile] samuraiter

Yay, yuri! Whoa, Guinevere/Miledy fic! Sweet, with nice characterization.

Green Tea by [personal profile] samuraiter (L'Arachel/Eirika)

Yay, more yuri! Sweet with great characterization and nice attention to expanding the world building of the universe.

Finally We Are No One by [profile] charlzwy made me cry manly tears. (Fem!Greece/Japan)
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springkink / [community profile] kinkfest is open for claiming.

And a random rec from [community profile] areyougame: Chill by [personal profile] lavendre (FE9/10, Heather/Nephenee~)

This was a really IC and cute little piece and I enjoyed it a lot.
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giripan Valentine's day love fest now has the prompt masterlist up. claiming goes up until the 14th.

I had set out to read and rec more in PB this year, but so far almost nothing has come up yet in fandoms I frequent. (Which isn't butthurt, just me going "Oh lol, did I jinx it? Whatever, I have writing to catch up on, anyways"). Anyways, have some more short pb recs from last year that got buried and never got posted while I procrastinate on writing, and hopefully there will be more recs by the end of the round.♥

Big Bang Theory, Brideshead Revisited, Criminal Minds, Evangelion, Firefly, Yami no Matsuei )
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halfamoon is a Half a Moon is a fourteen day multifandom challenge celebrating female characters, which will run from February 1 through Valentine's Day.

here's the rules and info post :D

this is my first post there, reccing [personal profile] happybutter's doujinshi and a couple pieces by [personal profile] rosage (a Jill gen piece and Greil/Elena)

More recs because I'm procrastinating on writing by reviewing and reccing and being fandomy:

Supply Charts over Sonnets by [personal profile] rosage. Delightful, witty and fluffy in the best ways. Absolutely made my day. (FE9/10, Ike/Soren)

The Lull After The Storm by [personal profile] rosage is another adorable piece with hurt/comfort and even sleep fluff ♥

And finally this art for being so gorgeous and tender. It's awesome ♥
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Yaaaay, nothing like transferring old files from the old comp, especially when it takes like twenty minutes at a time just to get them on the flash drive and over again...

Maybe I can get photoshop to work when I'm done. Because then it won't really matter if everything goes kaaaboooom because everything is off and stuff.

Anyways, meme.


Also, someone wrote me a snippet of really awesome Glee superpowers AU. Just reccing that out there.
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Give me a character from any fandom I know at least fairly well, and I will tell you:

B) The runner up
C) The anti-ship
D) My unpopular fannish opinion on said character
E) One person he/she never fell in love with, and why



Fire Emblem 10, Oofuri, misc )
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Minor update....

Stuff I need to do:

-get back with Ruth on Facebook
-email That Dude again.
-Call neighbor. (Eewww, the telephone. We hates it preciousssss)

And of course, to get some quality mowin' done. I'll do that in a minute. Or so.

Otherwise, I am thinking of doing a large push to finish L'Affaire before I lose interest in it for its chronic ignored state. Poor thing. Maybe I can finish it in 3-to-5k or so? That's not too bad.

The actual purpose of this post is to pimp the cute Greece/Japan I got at [ profile] comment_fic. Eee.
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[ profile] platonicism: "the object is to claim a fandom and pick a
table of 10, 25 or 50 prompts to base your pairing-free fanworks on."

My first thought was "Myaru would love this"

[ profile] con10porary: "The goal, as the name would suggest, is
to complete ten fanworks that involve a contemporary setting.
What that means is your fanworks must take place in a modern context."

Totally an excuse to write MOAR MODERN AU.

Rec: HIMYM: Five Coupley Things Barney And Robin Hate (And One They Don't Mind So Much) . Adorable, pitch perfect for the series and hilarious and so them.
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[ profile] 5_loves looks like a nice community to work with. R, the first one would be perfect for Evafic. Perrrrfect, I say.

(Plus, it's only five so it'd be a nice way to spend the summer, eh?)

also, heads up, JubilantButteryspread! [ profile] moontyger did LuciaElincia for [ profile] springkink. I was going to do that theme, but lacked the drive. Good to see someone else plucked it up ♥

I have only three more to go before I hit 400 usages of 'fic' on the taglist.

Happy pride month.
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Naruto: Like A Fox, Kakashi/Iruka by [ profile] megyal

XXXholic: wine and silken strands, Clow/Yuuko by [ profile] grass_angel

Also Dude Looks like a Lady" Crossdressing Festlet. Unfortunately, I just learned about this, and the end date is the last of March so.. enter if you can, I know I want to.


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