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Title: untitled
Series: FE10
Character/Pairing: Pelleas/Micaiah
Rating: G
Author's note: Lin is having an orgy drabble tree and invited me to join. The end. Actually, no. It's for Jordan because I promised him P/M ages ago for something or other. IDK.

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Title: Frost Fair (coda)
Series: FE10
Character/Pairing: Ike/Soren, Pelleas/Micaiah, Kyza/Ranulf. Appearances by Lethe and Reyson.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1683
Author's note: I didn't outright intend to write an epilogue, but it wrote itself after some discussion, apparently. Enjoy one last bit?

Thanks to Joss for the lightning quick beta.

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Title: Frost Fair (5/5 part two)
Day/Theme: 5/31. love can change any pessimist
Series: FE10
Character/Pairing: Ike/Soren eventual, Pelleas/Micaiah, Kyza/Ranulf
Summary: Soren, the head CEO of Nevassa Corp, is entirely tired of his mother's nagging, and so
sets out to hire a date for the holidays and his brother's upcoming wedding. After several disastrous interviews, he comes across Ike who thought it was a bodyguard job and really needs the money.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 7406
Author's note: And this is truly the last part. Thanks to Joss for betaing. Any remaining errors are mine, as I couldn't leave it alone and had to revise a part of the ending while I was at it.

With luck, I'll be revising earlier parts of the story, along with other works over the summer with my beta.

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Title: I'll Stand By You
Series: FE10
Character/Pairing: light Pelleas/Micaiah.
Rating: PG
Word count: 1301
Author's note: [personal profile] hooves asked for "FE6-10, a hug. Any characters." I'll fill her other possible requests (esp. the Rajaion/Ena which I've had planned out for years~) sometime when I'm not swamped with stuff. Alludes to spoilers, but never quite goes there, so no worries on that front.

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Title: Lives Of The Young And Laguz
Character/Pairing: mentioned Ike/Soren, Nailah/Rafiel, Naesala/Leanne, Pelleas/Micaiah, Almedha & Lorazieh
Rating: PG?
Word count: 573
Author's note: Kink meme: gossipy talks between Almedha and Lorazieh.

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Title: A Handmaid's Tale
Fandom: FE10 AU
Character/Pairing: Pelleas/Micaiah
Rating: PG-13 on premise alone.
Wordcount: 1247
A/N:[ profile] 52_flavours 12 ) Move through smoke and mirrors | an au where Micaiah is Pelleas’ handmaiden – except he doesn’t quite realize what Izuka picked her for. It feels like it could be part of a larger arc, but this is all I’ve got. This could almost be called The Pawn King: Idealistic Version, actually. The title is borrowed from a novel by the same name by Margaret Atwood.

Merry Christmas,[ profile] runespoor7 (even though you're in Batland lately~)

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Title: Once Called a King
Series: FE10
Day/Theme: 4.14 | you were born to be betrayed
Character/Pairing: Pelleas, assorted hints of PelleasMicaiah And SotheMicaiah. Also various Almedha and Izuka.
Rating: no more than PG
Word Count: 3,001
A/N: [ profile] 20_wars claim which hasn’t been approved yet... eheh. I’ll crosspost it once it’s done. This follows the second playthrough path, and probably has spoilers. The references to the “tale of the past lands” is Arthurian in nature because Daein is filled with people of Arturian names. Seriously, Gawain, Pelleas – I even have a crack theory that the name Greil is actually a scrambled Japanese rendering of Grail. But seriously, digression, ‘that is another story’ etc.

Also, this is another apologyfic for being so mean to Pelleas in Oedipus Rex.

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Challenge: XIV – "One's country ought to be defended, whether with shame or glory, by whatever means possible."
Title: Chance And Circumstance
Word Count:734
Game: FE10
A/N:: First playthrough spoilers, I couldn’t cut the wordcount down so I did another.

Chance And Circumstance )

Challenge: XIV – "One's country ought to be defended, whether with shame or glory, by whatever means possible."
Title: Mercy
Word Count: 401
Game: FE10
A/N:: Spoilers. A rather odd interpretation of the theme.

Mercy )
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Apparently I am doing the whole fic-a-day until v-day comes. Or not. But hey, (late) Christmas fic ahoy!

Title: Four Weddings And A Funeral
Series: FE10
Day/Theme: February third / Blossom to blossom to dusty blossom
Character/Pairing: SanakiPelleas, SanakiKurthnaga, SanakiLehran, SanakiReyson SanakiNaesala. Snaaki tops all. (Also a bit of PelleasMicaiah during one part)
Summary: The Empress Sanaki is getting married. Heaven help her husband to be. Five things meme, SanakiPelleas, SanakiKurthnaga, SanakiLehran, SanakiNaesala SanakiReyson
Word count: 3,167
A/N: It should be fairly obvious who this is for. Apologies for the lateness, I was trying to work on another and alas, I had no motivation or ideas so it kept Not Getting Done. This is a five things type fic, wherein all but the first and last parts are separate universes.

Reyson/Sanaki proved harder than I thought because apparently it’s the type of pairing that can only be written once and done one way.

Merry belated Christmas, [ profile] myaru

Four Weddings And A Funeral )
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Title: A Little Fall Of Rain
Theme/day: June 30 (07) - a little fall of rain can hardly hurt me now (late)
Fandom: FE 9/10
Pairing: Pelleas/Micaiah
Summary: “It won’t rain forever, Pelleas,” she said.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 6,700
A/N: with [ profile] 30_breathtakes (18) in the rain. This was supposed to be a bit of something happy to atone for how I’ve been well, making Pelleas blind, mad and well...The Pawn King.
I didn’t quite succeed in it being angst free, but at least there’s a happy ending along the way?

Also a late Christmas/feel better present for [ profile] tavereyna

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Title: The Pawn King
Series: FE10 AU
Character/Pairing: Micaiah/Pelleas in a sense but pretty dark stuff
Day/Theme: January twenty-second / darling, we go a-drowning
Summary: She loved her country more than anything. The end would justify the means. Highly AU, MicaiahPelleas, in a sense
Rating: R, possibly even in NC-17 range.
Warnings: Death, cynicism and heterosexual sex. This isn’t fluff, people.
Word Count: 7,825
Note: In the sense of a completely 100% canon FE fic, Micaiah here is terribly OOC. However, this is AU and certain events made her far more ruthless. In essence, I was trying to get ahold of her character and somewhere between character talks with Myaru I started penning down a darker take on Micaiah. It grew to be quite a bit more bleak in the end than when I had started with this idea. Looking through this I’m pretty sure I turned Micaiah into a sociopath.

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Dec. 23rd, 2008 10:25 pm
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Well, that was one of the most bizarre dreams I've ever had, and that's saying something
Title: In The Mighty Jungle
Series: FE10 AU
Character/Pairing: Ike, Pelleas (hints of IkeSoren and MicaiahPelleas and even a smidgeon of Sothe > Ike)
Rating: PG?
Word count: 1,138
A/N: inspired by a dream -- which I had listed above but accidentally deleted when editing. Anyways, this follows it loosely (though it lacks Silver Eternity Dragon!Micaiah and Soren being forced by small children to walk in circles in a kiddy pool only to be 'rescued' by Sothe who found this snarkily amusing.)

in tha jungle / the mighty jungle / the liiiioooon sleeps toooniiiight )

Other than that, packages in varying sizes have been sent out. Christmas money from relatives was received and cookies have been made and consumed. It is both Wednesday and Christmas eve already. I totally lost a few days somewhere along the line.

Also, happy birthday to [ profile] yaoi_chick
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Title: as mad as birds
Fandom: FE10 AU
Character/Pairing: Pelleas/Micaiah though it’s mostly just the dreams of a madman.
Rating: eh, PG?
Wordcount: 888. Awesome.
A/N: AU, very fragmentary, a bit odd, but for the effect of being displaced, or rather unwell. For [ profile] mission_insane’s poetry themetable again, this time ‘Love In The Asylum’ by Dylan Thomas

And taken by light in her arms at long and dear last / I may without fail / Suffer the first vision that set fire to the stars )
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Spoilers for the first playthrough. onesided!PelleasMicaiah, but not by design. It was supposed to be gen but sort of failed at that. More of the 'posting unposted mixes' month going on.

I’m reaching for the life within me / how can one man stop his ending? / I thought of just your face / relaxed and floated into space )
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The first of many mixes to be posted. See, I have a ton of unposted ones that I want to get up before this coming new years (along with many ficbits and such, finishing off the year, you know?) I mostly do EPs because my connection is horrible and last time I did a really large full mix it took me 13+ hours of uploading. No really, it did. Generally these are around 7 because, hey, lucky numbers!


Short mix which is basically just Pelleas going “;_; ♥♥♥" at Micaiah because, man, that kid has got it bad. Highly acoustic, I’ve had it lying around for ages and I’m finally getting to posting it.

‘cause it’s you and me / and all other people are nothing to do / nothing to prove / and it’s you and me / and all of the people / and I don’t know why / I can’t keep my eyes off of you )

And, various icons. I was going to app Pelleas but basically freaked out and never got through it. I seriously have a phobia there. ANYWAYS I made a batch up to use for RPing but many of them are just laying around-- just a few
2 PelleasMicaiah -- basically the one I'm using and a variation and 6 Pelleas ones )
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Because [ profile] myaru is kicking my ass at this challenge and I have to even the score before she starts laughing at me behind my back :D

Title: Midnight Blue
Fandom: FE10
Day/Theme: November twentieth | _____'s no good, very bad day . (late)
Character/Pairing: PelleasMicaiah of sorts, though it's practically gen in a sense, considering.
Rating: G
Word Count: a little over 1,000
A/N: along with (40) i can hear the beating of your heart for [ profile] 30_breathtakes

Also, Christmas present for [ profile] runespoor7. I wanted to write something longer, but if I put writing them for too long, none will get do~ne

Midnight Blue )
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Title: Illuminare
Fandom: FE10
Rating: PG, I suppose?
Character/Pairing: Light Pelleas/Micaiah
Wordcount: 2,500+
Summary: Pelleas commits accidental larceny of the tome variety and finds ghost stories to be far more accurate than he thought. Some PelleasMicaiah
A/N: 30_breathtakes, #31 ‘in the silence of the night.’. Inspired by noticing that it looks like Pelleas is clinging to a light tome in his official art and well, you know how these things go in a shipper’s mind.

And no, the title isn’t misspelled. It’s the original Latin root word, or so my dictionary says.

A second present for Ammy because I have doubts about the first say so.

Illuminare" )


And now to go finish Vierblith's fic!
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Title: It’s Fate
Fandom: FE10!AU
Day/Theme: November fifteenth | but must I confess how I liked him?
Character/Pairing: Pelleas/Micaiah, Ike/Soren, Sothe/Tormod, mentioned Ranulf/male
Rating: Def. PG-13 for some of the silly implications.
Wordcount: 6,000+
Summary: Pelleas meets the girl of his dreams only to forget to ask her name. It’s up to his cranky brother and his brother’s rather oblivious shirtless roommate to track her down again. Silly!Modern AU. PelleasMicaiah, IkeSoren. Some Ranulf/? and SotheTormod.

A/N: just a silly thing which was intended to be commentfic but turned out much too long. It was done entirely for fun, so before anyone goes UR DOIN’ IT RONG, I know, I know . I jotted down in-between difficult projects as stress relief. That's all this is, silly, fluffy stress relief.

It was Ammy who first came up with the idea for ‘Pelleas and Soren as the dysfunctional modern au brothers’ idea and conversations with her was what inspired this ‘verse. Thus she gets entire credit. In fact, she gets the whole thing. Happy birthday!

Oh yeah, and Ranulf is in a slash pairing, but I couldn’t choose which one. Thus, it’s your decision if it’s Kyza or Skrimr (or another male?)

It's Fate )
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I only got about half my wordcount this morning, but nigh 100% of it was for Yuletide...which is now almost done. Nice. However I've caught up now and have another Christmas gift to show for it!

I think the entire point of this is to prove that I am Pelleas is huge lit!nerd. And a dork in general. also for my as-of-yet-unclaimed post for [ profile] 30_breathtakes #10 (hand) because in my writing moral code [ profile] 31_days can be crossed with anything, especially something with a large wordcount~~~

Title: Tachycardia
Fandom: FE10
Day/Theme November eleventh / i love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest
Character/Pairing: Books/Pelleas, Pelleas/Micaiah
Rating: G? It’s innocent
Wordcount: ~4000+
Summary: Pelleas finds solace in books, and most of all in her company. PelleasMicaiah
A/N: the title actually refers to a medical condition of having an extremely rapid heartbeat. Timeline-wise it’s set sometime after the Dawn Brigade chapters but before the third part, during the reconstruction period but before the blood pact becomes known. You know, those happy times we never got to see? Yeah.

I figured since I’ve been sending Pelleas to creepy castles, killing him, making him blind, mad, and having an arranged marriage under particularly tragic circumstances that he deserved some nerdy and dorky cutefluff.

Also, Merry (Early) Christmas, Jordan!

Of will and nature, so did Pelleas lend
All the young beauty of his own soul to hers,
Believing her; and when she spake to him,
Stammered, and could not make her a reply.

-The Idylls of the King, Tennyson

Tachycardia )
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So, senses challenge. Not sure if I can complete it at this stage -- my CC entry decided to be a pain and took a whole 2,200+ more words to finish in the end which cost me a good two days in tweaking. (It developed plot points near the end! That should never be allowed, somehow!)

This was intended for the 'senses' challenge, and might still stand if I can swing it. though. This one was for 'sight'

This is the partly edited version. Kaya and I poked a few awkward sentences, but it hasn't had a grammar scrubbing as she's busy.

Title: Blind Sight
Fandom: FE10.
Rating: PG?
Character/Pairing: Pelleas/Micaiah
Summary: it seemed a fitting fate for a blind former king RD spoilers, divergent!au, PelleasMicaiah.

“What you lose in blindness is the space around you, the place where you are, and without that you might not exist. You could be nowhere at all.”
-Barbra Kingsolver.

Blind Sight (+ author's notes) )


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