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Tumblr post, in case it stretches

So, in part one, I talked about Helen’s and Miss Pauling’s motivations. Multiversecafe was begging me to talk about where the comic would go. So have where we left off, and where it may possibly go.

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Tumblr link in case it stretches

So, according to the wiki, we finally have confirmation on when Expiration Date occurs, and it’s before MVM. What does this mean for canon? It means now every panel we took as face value and interpreted in a certain way now is shown in another light concerning Scout and Miss Pauling.

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Tumblr post in case it stretches.

As of Blood In The Water, the motives of many key players in the plot are suspect, especially Administrator and Miss Pauling.

Now, I don’t believe Miss Pauling is fully betraying Administrator. However, she has begun to investigate her employer, sending Heavy and Scout under the pretense of working for Helen. Instead of merely following orders and trusting Helen, she is determined to find out what happened in those six months, and who worked for Administrator.

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This started as a reply to Lin, but it's something I've been wanting to meta on for a while. Laurent, Noire, and kinky representation in Awakening.

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