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Sweet Volley High a otome game with both f/f and a m/f route and a bi female protag is on sale for half price at indiegala, in case anybody missed it. (Samu, you got this one? It looks cute.)

Though some of the reactions to that one, easily avoided m/f route and Aya being a bisexual are just...siiiigh.
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33 of the best cheap cruelty free beauty products --I don't wear makeup at the moment but I'll keep it around to browse and see.
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Winter Wolves is having a sale ends July 28th. Also just found out that Always Remember Me has a sequel, Never Forget Me. I'm dying to play it.

LOL why are companies allowed to have sales when I don't have vast amounts of money to spend? How dare them!
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What OCD Is Like (for Me). John Green talks so well about mental illnesses. As someone who has OCD (and was diagnosed because of his talks made me realize what was happening to me) I'm grateful for this video as a way to explain to people how OCD feels for at least some of us, and ways to understand what it's like, and how some of the behaviors manifest.

The TED talk Getting Unstuck also shows what it's like to have OCD for greater understanding.
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The Best Personal Development Podcasts You Need To Listen To In 2017

Found via a graphic. As if I didn't have enough podcasts already, lolol.
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Fighter's Block a new gamefied writing thing that looks pretty neat.

Linked to a tumblr explanation as I couldn't find many other write ups on it. Which is a shame, as more people should try this cool little thing. I'll give it a try for those dead zone points when I'm online and just aimlessly drifting from social media site to social media site.
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Hey, John Green finished his book, and it's coming out in October.

As I follow Vlogbrothers, I've seen his struggles about finishing it, to the point where he wondered if he'd ever write a book again. But he finally overcame it with a lot of distancing himself from social media.

If John Green can overcome his mental illnesses and issues with social media to finish his book(s), then so can I!
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Not gonna lie, Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is my most anticipated game of the year.
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Cheyenne, Wyoming hit me so hard. (In here, Cheyenne, Wyoming is used as a metaphor for creative people retreating into an inner world)

It's such an interesting thing to hear from other creative people. I never realized it was as common among authors as it was for me.
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How to eat more mindfully from SummerTomato.

So far I've had super good results from trying mindful eating, but this has some other good ideas along the way.
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LJ is now suspending journals which link outside of the site.

From what people can tell, it can refer to any link, including DW crossposts.

Man, LJ is just determined to shove itself deep into the ground, huh.
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Yo Samu you'd probably like this bundle!

There's a 30$ game in there, man.


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