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Actually, Semi!friends only. Fics, fanmixes and several other 'fandom associated things are left unlocked.

As of now, this is mostly a whateverthefuck fandom journal. I'm a rather private person and dislike blogging around 'zomg irl' things, so it's pretty doubtful that you'll get many Well, I woke up and had a piece of toast... type entries. Extra points to anyone who gets the reference

What you will find, however is:

♥ Fic in metric tons. Writing is the love of my life and thus makes a great majority of my posts. Original fic is filtered and locked, but most all of the fanfic is left open, unless I write something really filthy for the kink meme. Uh. You can browse via the fic tag, or any of the various fandom tags. I also archive at I used to archive at, but then they randomly started deleting my stuff and I was like "Fuck this" and just kept it on lj.

♥ fandom things & fangirling, also memes by the millions.

♥ I keep up something of a general fandom newsletter chronicling communities and events that catch my eye, mostly writing communities and challenges. Most of these are left open to the public and if you wish to follow them without friending this tag is where you wanna look. I also on occasion do recs

♥ fanmixes, uploads and caturday are regular things, along with random icon posts, book blogging, and/or gratuitous mentions of gay. Seriously, if you hate on the gay you don’t want to be anywhere near me.

♥ I am generally Politically Neutral/ Politically Cynical though I tend to lean towards the liberal side. I don't generally give a fuck, unless you're one of those super conservative bible thumper types -- in what case I point above to the gay. These sparkling rainbows are everywhere, guys.

♥ I overuse emoticons. I capslocksmash a lot. Basically, I'm a shameless fangirl with a really weird sense of humor.

If you want to add me then I must ask that you have:

♥ have toleration towards political, religious and sexual, and fandom differences is a must.

♥ have something in common, because really, it’s pointless otherwise.

♥ know that I swear, sometimes and sometimes I flail like a spastic fangirl and sometimes I'm just weird. If that bothers you then maybe you don’t really want to add me.

♥ literacy is good ♥ I'm not going to bite you for the occasional typo (god knows I do that all the time) but n00b speak is something I don't really speak fluently and I probably won't comment on your entries much due to that.

♥ know that I'll probably read as much of your journal as I can -- unless my friends list is f'ing up again, I might not comment on everything but I sill ♥ you anyways! I don't require constant posting and won't remove you if you don't comment on every single entry but it's kind of pointless to add me then never interact, right? stalker!

My (general) pairing preferences can be found here. The list of filters which to be added to here and the fanlistings/colorbars/assorted things is here (very outdated)

Oh, and I should mention... If it takes a while to be added, it's not that I dislike or am ignoring you, I'm just busy and scatterbrained :3
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