Mar. 19th, 2017

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Title: Be My Player Two (chapter 1 of about 4-5, depending on the final word count)
Series: TF2
Character/Pairing: Scout/Miss Pauling, some mentions of ensemble, mentions of past Administrator/Saxton Hale
Rating: NC-17
Summary: AU. Sophie Pauling, assistant to one of the biggest (and evilest) media moguls in the world is commanded to scope out the new field of Let's Play celebrities. A gamer named Scout69 makes millions by screaming at video games. As she investigates the man behind the channel, she finds herself surprised, and charmed by him and his world beyond anything she's ever known in her workaholic, out of touch with trends life.
Word count:
Author's note: This whole thing came about from this exchange I had concerning Introducing The Steam Link.

Scout's LPer intro theme samples this song (Mild NSFW in picture, tons of bikinis haha)

Longfic_bingo: Crossover: any. The crossover in question is Youtuber LPers, though other than the mention of other people shipping Youtubers and faint mentions of Youtubers that have SOs, that part is gen.

For Madie. Hope you feel better. The entire piece is mostly completed, I just wanted to get it out as soon as possible to make your sickness/allergies go better.

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(a mix for Be My Player Two)

Queen - Play The Game // Fastball - You're An Ocean // Anamanaguchi - My Skateboard Will Go On
Fragments Of Winter - The Loudest Rainbow // Sultan Ned Shepard Ft. Quilla - Walls (Original Mix) // Saxon Shore - This Shameless Moment // Jayme Dee - Tip Toes // The Mowgli's - Say It, Just Say It // Jess Penner - Doesn't Get Better Than This // Frou Frou -Must Be Dreaming // Panic! At The Disco - Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met...) // Ingrid Michaelson - Soldier // Vienna Teng - Stray Italian Greyhound // Carbon Leaf - Life Less Ordinary // The Postal Service - Be Still My Heart // Metro Station - Shake It // Colbie Caillat - Midnight Bottle // Joshua Radin - The Fear You Won't Fall // Bloc Party - This Modern Love // Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over // Regina Spektor - Fidelity // Doves There Goes the Fear // Cherryfalls -
My Drug // A Day To Remember - You Had Me At Hello // The Young Professionals - Video Games (Lana Del Rey cover) Jess Penner - Good Times // Jack's Mannequin - MFEO / You Can Breathe


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