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Title: Take It All, Darling
Series: Ace Attorney
Character/pairing: Dessie/Ron in that order.
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1812
Author's note: kink meme: gentle femdoming. I'm sure everyone is really shocked that I'm doing a pegging prompt. I'm shocked too. I mean, just shocked.

I'm convinced this is 100% canon.

"You're so cute, Ronnie. Now take as much of my cock as you can stand, okay?"

Ronnie looked so handsome with the purple strap on deep in his mouth. He sucked, moaning a little, as he thoroughly swirled his head about the tip. Her Ronnie was a real trooper. He just loved to give her oral, strap on, or just muff diving.

She patted him on the head, and twisted a cute red curl around her finger. God, between his natural dark lashes and his red curls, she'd be jealous at just how handsome he was. That was, if she wasn't too busy thinking how nice those supple lips around her strap on.

She tightened her grip, enough to hear him moan a little, and draw back.

"You did good, Ronnie. You're a master with your tongue," she said.

She put a bit more lube on the big, veiny purple dildo. Ronnie stared down, squirming with anticipation. Dessie smiled.

"Soon, Ronnie. I won't keep you waiting long."

Most guys wouldn't let them dick them down. Something about it destroying their masculinity or something, like getting pegged was too gay or some other gross homophobic machismo. But her Ronnie was fine with it. Then again, considering how he'd reacted to that one coffee-loving prosecutor, she'd have to guess that maybe he was a little bi.

She'd tried to ask him, but he'd just stammered and blushed, and repeated that she was the only girl he loved. But she had an inkling. Not that Dessie ever felt threatened by this prospect; she was a little bi as well, after all. She was so glad to have another thing in common with him.

"I wouldn't want your hands getting stuck." She put on the leather cuffs, and attached them to the extra sturdy headboard steel headboard she'd bought once they first moved in together. Since then, he'd been tied to it more times than she could easily remember.

"Now, is this too tight?" Dessie said.

"It's perfect--just like you," Ronnie said. He shyly looked away to hide his flushed face. They'd been married for years, and he still blushed like a schoolboy around her. He was spread out, cuffed, all hers, and just begging to be fucked, and Dessie was only too happy to do the job.

"Spread your legs out wide. I wanna see waaay more of you. If you don't, I'll have to get the spreader bar out."


He was already really hard. She cupped his firm ass, and spread those cheeks wide. And what a show it was. Ronnie's cock was huge, the biggest she'd ever taken by far. But unlike most guys, he didn't get all smug about it. She'd really hit the jackpot. A sweet, loving guy who not only had the perfect cock, but also loved getting dicked down as well. He even loved to go down on her.

Really, there wasn't a single girl out there who was as lucky as Dessie was.

"Now, be a good boy and take every inch of my cock. Take it all, darling," Dessie said.

"Y-yes..." He let out a long gasp. It ended in a moan, as his hips ground, desperate to have more of of the cock inside.

"Oh wow, you're so hungry to get fucked. You're such a good little cockslut! I knew you could do it. This cock is almost as big as yours--but yours will always be the best."

She gripped he base of his cock. "I'm going to start thrusting now, okay? Do you remember the safe word if it gets too rough?"

"Er....Wonderbread. Isn't that strange?"

Dessie chuckled. "It's supposed to sound strange, so it's something nobody yells out in bed."

"It's the type of thing to make you want to break into giggles," Ron said.

"You would, you're that cute," she said. She bent down to kiss him. Ron whimpered as she brushed against his erect cock. He arched his back to rub against her, but Dessie tapped his nose.

"Now, now, don't come too soon. I still need a turn with you, after all," Dessie said. She smiled, and started with slow thrusts, arcing up to try and hit his prostate. She knew she'd done it right when she saw him shudder, and close his eyes. Dessie started to run her palm up and down his cock.

His red curls were splayed over the pillows. She'd bought this green sheet set just because she knew it'd look so flattering beneath him. The minute she saw it in the store, all she could think was I can't wait to fuck my Ronnie on these!

He was flushed faced and so damn gorgeous. She kept her thrusts slow to tease him. Oh, she knew he wanted it fast and hard, but she wouldn't give it to him, not yet.

She squeezed at the base, just firmly enough to drag out a long moan from his lips.

"D-dessie. It's so good..."

"And it's only going to get better," Dessie said.

"Dessie, please."

She never could tell her Ronnie no. Dessie started to thrust harder, as he gasped m-more. Dessie, please. H-harder. Those shuddering, stuttering gasps just made her so wet. She loved when she dicked her Ronnie to the point where he could barely form coherent words anymore.

Each thrust sent a jolt down her clit, not just because of the incredible noises he made,(her Ronnie was a screamer, all right.) but the pressure against her. But it wasn't enough to come. For her, it was a long, wonderful foreplay, that left her as desperate to be fucked as Ronnie was to have that long, hard strap on thrust into him again and again.


She'd soundproofed their room for a reason.

White come splattered across his abdomen. Some managed to splash against her thighs.

"Sorry, I should've put a condom on first. I didn't mean to make a mess," Ron said.

"Don't be silly. I love it when you come on me. To be marked with my Ronnie's come is the best thing. In fact, I can't wait for you to fill me up when I fuck you into these sheets. I'm going to ride you harder than I ever rode that motorcycle of mine," Dessie said.

She removed the harness, and set it beside the bed, in the plastic bag she'd left there, just for that purpose. She pulled out another large veiny realistic dildo that she'd already slicked with lube, this one with a flared base. No embarrassing hospital visits for her Ronnie. Especially since the only doctor nearby covered by their insurance was Doctor Hotti.

He let out a little quivering moan as she ensured that his ass was filled again.

She cupped her breasts, and started to touch herself as he watched. "Are you horny yet, Ronnie? I can't wait to ride you. I know men usually need some time to recharge, but I want you inside me so bad, I just can't wait. Besides, you're better than most men. In fact, you're the best guy in the entire world. I'm sure you can manage it."

She crawled up to grind against his chest. Her slit was wet with his white come. She was so unbelievably wet. Dicking him had only teased her to a deep sense of arousal, but it wasn't quite enough to push her over the edge.

"Are you going to fill me up with your come, Ronnie?"

Ron let out a long moan. She ground her his down, until her ass brushed against his cock. He was already getting hard again.

"You're so good to be hard again so soon. I knew you could do it. I'm going to ride you so hard, so you'll just have to stay strong. I know you can do it. You're my strong Ronnie."

She slowly ground her ass against his length, until she felt him grow fully hard.

"Are you ready? Remember, if things get too intense, you can always safeword out."

Ron nodded.

She slowly guided his cock inside her. Dessie bit her lower lip. No dildo could compare to how thick her Ronnie was. Being filled with his girth was amazing. With one leg between her thighs to stroke her throbbing clit, she rode him. He was beyond the point where he could formulate words. All he could manage was a series of whimpers and moans. She squeezed tight around his cock, and whispered, now, don't come just yet, or I'll have to punish you.

For everything she'd said about riding him hard, she wondered if she could even last that long. Dicking him down had been so intense, and left her on the brink long before he even got inside her.

He bucked his hips to meet her. Dessie gasped as she felt him hit her g-spot over and over, pushing her closer and closer.

"Oh, Ronnie," she gasped. "More."

She stroked her clit faster, on the precise of a long climax. Every thrust made her closer, as she rode him, her mind and body flushed with the deepest pleasure. He shuddered beneath her. The wrist shackles were pulled taut.

"Dessie--I'm sorry. I-I don't think I can last any longer."

"That's okay, Ronnie. You did good. You're a real good little cockslut. Let's come together," Dessie said.

She reached up to release just one shackle, so his fingers could intertwine with hers. Ronnie always wanted to be so close then. He really was such a sweet guy. His moans grew to a fever pitch, and she felt such a warmth of pleasure beneath her skin that started at her core and moved outwards. Each wonderful throb gave her more and more pleasure, until she rested against his chest, completely exhausted. Dessie took in the sound of his rapid heartbeat, and the slow ebb of one hell of an orgasm.

"Oh, Ronnie."

"...Did...Did I do well?"

"Of course you did, Ronnie!" She leaned down to give him a kiss."You're my best Ronnie, after all. I'm so happy to be married to you."

She gave him kisses all the way as she undid his other wrist binding, and pulled out the dildo, to join the other in the bag for later sterilization.

His eyes had fluttered shut, but he still fought to stay awake for her. "Dessie--"

"Did I tire you out with all those orgasms? Go on, have a long sleep. You earned it."

"...I love you, Dessie."

"I love you too, Ronnie. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful husband like you. You really are the best little cockslut imaginable."
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